Walkable Skylight


Walk on Glass Floors

Walk able skylights using Flushglaze® technology designed to be installed flush with external flooring – perfect for flat roof terraces, also known as bulk heads these units are commonly installed using decking to achieve the final ‘flush finish’ with the skylight as a curb for the skylight to sit on is still required, Glazing Vision also offer alternative details so that solid finishes such as paving can be used.

These units provide a talking point, visual delight and instant wow factor. Our engineers calculate the strength of glazing required to take regular foot traffic for complete safety and watertight integrity – and of course to meet the necessary building codes for residential, commercial or public buildings.

Our solo Flushglaze® walk able skylights also meet that all-important design criterion: no visible internal framework. To build them any other way would spoil the visual effect. But as with our non walk on glass, you can still ‘go big’ and design entire ribbons of glass with our modular system using structural aluminum supports.

NOTE: Care should be taken when walking on glass that is wet – Glazing Vision offer anti-slip treatments which increase slip resistance for all our walk on glass skylights. Please contact our technical sales team for further information.

Our Flushglaze® Walk On Skylights are available in five standard options, take a look at the specification details below.

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Flushglaze Walk On Glass System

Flat fixed Skylight with no visible internal framework designed for domestic foot traffic. Uniform Distributed Load 31.33lb/ sq ft , Concentrated Load 450lbf

Product Details

Center Pane U-factor 0.19
Color RAL7015 Slate Grey
Glass Specification Minimum 1″ Clear Heat Soak Tested Toughened Laminated – 9/16″ Argon Cavity With Warm Edge Spacer Bar –  1/4″ Clear Heat Soak Tested Soft Low E Toughened (laminated option available)
Max Area Up to 32.29 ft2

Key Features

  • Walk on glass
  • No visible fixings
  • No internal framework
  • Recommended minimum 1 degree pitch
  • Modular options available for larger sizes
  • Larger glass pane sizes can be achieved with steel support

Optional Extras

  • Ritec Clearshield (easy clean)
  • Anti slip dot matrix frits available
  • Curb top trim (hide curb from above)
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