iSo… who are the Missing Kind?? Let’s try and put it simply before you read on and get confused by our waffling! the Missing Kind (tMK) believes in a compassionate world where kindness has no boundaries. The charity supports kindness warriors, enabling them to make a difference globally; to people, planet and animals. We like these words to describe ourselves… kind… inclusive… passionate… humble… and empowering. We are a registered charity set up to secure a sustainable vision, to maintain the assets for future generations. A holding trust for donated investments and project funding, registered with the UK Charities Commission.

tMK are coming to America, the GV management team will first secure our market position, a level of sufficiency to sustain our presence. After which tMK will become proactive in America, we will be building community bonds, going M.A.D to make a difference with many of the UK kindness initiatives, funded by donations from GV profits generated in the US.  Meanwhile if anyone reading this desires to support an initiatives, tMK will ring fence that donation for 100% redistribution with full accountability.

tMK is non-religious and has no specific sector of attachment, other than to that of kindness. To nurture this kindness within and to distribute to all those causes compliant with our charitable status. Our philosophy is to self-sustain this model by ethical commercial endeavour through our trading company The Missing Sock and others. To use the skills within the trading company to develop a network of social enterprise companies that will contribute to support the next generation of social entrepreneurs and do-gooders to social success. We will stimulate communal well being, kindness, sufficiency and fun into our network model to maximise the success of all those connected with us by The Missing Sock and its associates.

Our model is based on creating businesses operating ethically on the fringes of our capitalistic society, to entrust the businesses to those most commercially motivated to yield employment and profit dividend opportunity for the wider tMK community. Kindness and money generation is a tough combination… advice always welcome on this journey!

We have some fantastic projects (with some in the making)… all of which are catalysts for greater happynings. Support funding is also available. We have a passion for equality. We also want to make a contribution to inter-generational projects, restoring dignity and purpose to the lives of our elders and opportunities for our neglected youth to respect and adopt this older generation. We have a specific fund for this purpose.

We’ve not finished yet; as well as helping the social enterprises deliver, we too want to touch those directly in need and enhance the opportunities for those seeking escape exclusion from society. To live not on the crumbs of our capitalist culture but prosper in fulfillment on the edges of it. The hub of all this will one day be the Kindness Farm, an administration HQ and the core of our commercial activity. A residential home and intentional community for many people committed to this model of kindness to planet, self and others, and for start-up social enterprises. Also a venue to host our Kindahappy festival. A community with desire to inspire!to

All this is nothing without people, the visionaries and pioneers to embrace and adapt this model to fulfill their own dreams. The door is open

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