What Makes Our Skylights Different?

Precision Engineering

Every single skylight we produce is a testament to our meticulous attention to design and detail. Our products are leading the industry, born from rigorous research, design and innovation. Our industry knowledge is second to none and our manufacturing process combines traditional engineering and electronics skills with modern machinery. With tools as diverse as a traditional lathes, to state of the art powder coating and a fully automated CNC process to make the highest quality custom skylights. We are continuously innovating new features. Rain sensors, one touch operated tinted glass, heated options, safety proximity sensors are just some of the options on offer – so you can have a unique skylight, just the way you want it.

Non-Leak Skylights

The purpose of any skylight is to allow as much natural light into your living space as possible. The only view you should be looking at is clear blue sky and without any concern of leaking.

That’s why, not only do we design every skylight to feature minimal frames and maximum daylight views but, we test every skylight to withstand even the harshest of weather. The approved spray bar and hose testing simulates extreme rainfall in a controlled environment to ensure that your skylights remain watertight once installed on your terrace.

That’s why you can feel confident that your non-leak skylight will only be allowing natural light into your home, even in the worst weather.

One Finger Touch (Open & Close)

We believe that ease of use shouldn’t be a luxury, it’s a necessity. Our electric skylights feature a one-touch open and close facility to make life simpler. Press the switch once and release and the skylight will open automatically to its maximum capacity; press and release the close button to fully close.

If you’d like the unit only part way open, simply press and hold until the skylight reaches the ideal position.

Safe too, with built in current sensing circuitry as standard our opening skylights will detect any increase in load on the motor and cut out so that nothing can get trapped whilst the unit is in motion.

No Internal Framework

For the clearest, cleanest views, our internally frame-less skylights “The Flushglaze® Range“ are an endearingly popular choice.

All the visible framework sits outside the building, so from within you’ll see only sky, trees, birds, sun¦ you get the picture. In fact, you can have a frame-less skylight fitted with up to 55ft2 of standard glazing.

And when your feature skylight needs to be larger, you can choose from several contemporary solutions to leave the sky view unimpeded. Modular silicone seals are the only visible joint between glazed sections when you select glass up to a 53 inches in span (toughened glass), and for anything greater we can join the panes with glass fins or slim line aluminum supports in a selection of colors to match your interior.

We can manufacture frame-less Flushglaze ® skylights in an almost limitless array of shapes and specifications, from single pitch to circular, fitted with triple glazing, heated glass or walk-on glass. Your roof, your choice.

Skydoor frameless skylight


Natural ventilation has made a long overdue resurgence in architectural design. It’s energy-efficient and sustainable and often healthier and safer than air-conditioning. The Glazing Vision VisionVent ® hinged skylight is a breath of fresh air.

Based upon our Flushglaze ® range, these opening skylights provide those same minimally framed views to the world above while providing all-important fresh air and ventilation. And while our standard range includes manually operated vent skylights, things get a great deal more impressive when you specify the electrical version.

We combine precision engineering with state of the art electronics and sensor controls to offer a versatile and supremely safe range of opening roof hatches. Universal plug and play electronics allow each skylight to integrate into building management or fire alarm systems. Programmable thermostats ensure automatic temperature-controlled cooling.

Glass Specification

How do you want your glazed skylights to perform?

You’ll be considering thermal performance, clarity, light transmission, and strength. Virtually everything we build can be customized to your specification, subject to safety and suitability of course. So if you need fixed flat sky lights that you can walk on, that’s straightforward. Low e glass to meet environmental performance criteria? That’s standard. A glass roof that slides back to open an entire ceiling to the sky? Done. Switchable glass (so-called smart glass) that can be controlled to limit light and heat transmission? Well within our capabilities.

If you’re looking at walk-on glazing, our engineers will calculate the glass specification you need for the building type, size and purpose, and manufacture the entire skylight to the relevant code.


Soft Close

Our in-house engineers work hard at continuous product improvement. Soft close sealing is just one of the innovations we’ve introduced to our range of electrically-operated sliding glass skylights. It’s a comfort feature for the user and a sign of precision engineering at its finest.

All of our sliding skylights are extremely quiet in operation, with built-in solid-state controls and trickle-fed battery backup. The speed control ensures a consistent, regulated open and close movement that protects the moving and fixed parts within the mechanism and the glass and materials within the skylight itself.

It’s the high-tech equivalent of a soft-closing kitchen drawer. It’s non-intrusive, elegant and prevents potentially expensive skylight frame damage.

Control Systems & Sensors

Don’t get up, use the remote control. We pair our remote controls with the skylight control board before they leave our factory, you can operate them from up to 80 feet away and no other device can gain access, meaning your unit remains completely secure.

Our ventilation units can be supplied with Rain Sensors, designed to trip the unit closed in the event of rainfall. These are clever devices manufactured with built in heated elements, allowing morning dew to evaporate so the unit doesn’t close if opened on those crisp winter mornings.

But what if I’m on the roof and I have a rain sensor, will the skylight close in a storm trapping me on the roof? Yes, possibly, the rain sensor is doing its job. But this doesn’t mean we supply each unit with an umbrella, instead you have access to a variety of rain sensor override options designed to allow you access back inside, ranging from simple push button switches to electronic access keypads.

Too hot? Our opening units can also be connected to electronic thermostats, cooling the building without you having to even think about it, they can also be connected to fire alarm systems to aid with smoke clearance in the event of a fire.

Safe and secure our access units can be manufactured with infrared proximity detectors which stop the unit if the beam is broken whilst in operation. We can also provide solenoid security bolts locking the unit closed for additional peace of mind.

Qualicoat Approved Finish

We are very proud of the fact that we have our own environmentally friendly Powder Coating Plant using a Chrome Free conversion coating pre-treatment process. All in-house painted profiles undergo a vigorous series of tests in our own paint lab which has enabled us to achieve Qualicoat standards for our painting process.

We are now an approved Qualicoat Applicator, license no. 1017,  and can thus pass on the full paint warranty from the manufacturers of the powder coat we use which is the Akzo Nobel Interpon D1036 or D2525 range.

Where we source pre-painted profiles we ensure that these sources are also Qualicoat approved applicators so you can be sure that the paint finish on any Glazing Vision product will be of the highest standard and offer you a long lasting durable architectural finish.

Powder coating

Manual Overrides

Such a simple concept, but one that’s overlooked by some skylight manufacturers.

All of our opening skylights are equipped with easy to operate manual override systems, simply follow the instructions in the user manual supplied and you’re sorted. And whatever the problem may be, don’t worry we can fix it.

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