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02nd Feb 2023

With so many skylights to choose from, how do you know which skylight is best for you? Glazing Vision takes you through the different types and what the benefits are for each style…

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06th Jan 2023

Join us at New York Build on March 8 - 9 at the Javits Center, booth 469, where we will be on hand to take you through our offerings and to discuss any skylight or roof window requ…

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19th Feb 2022

Daylighting has been touted for its many aesthetic and health benefits by designers and researchers alike. Scientists at the Lighting Research Center (LRC), in Troy, N.Y., for exam…

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17th Feb 2022

Our interviewer asks the key questions of Jon Shooter President at Glazing Vision Inc and over 15 years in the industry shares his experience and knowledge on skylights.…

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01st Feb 2022

When considering a large skylight the main limiting factor is the size of the glass you can use.  If you are happy to have framework you can have a large hole in your roof and fil…

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28th Jan 2022

Beyond the wow factor, skylights have psychological and physical benefits. The open spaces and natural light can help alleviate negative emotion. There are many obvious advantages …

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21st Jan 2022

A skylight can offer you several benefits. From ventilation, to lighting, to adding value to your home, there are a lot of advantages. If you’re interested, here are three more…

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14th Jan 2022

Walk on skylights are very popular to get light into basements to get light below or when converting a roof terrace.…

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