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We’ve noticed a growing trend in adding roof terraces to city homes in order to maximise space and offer something unique to the property. By extending these luxury properties up and out, into under-utilized roof space, we are creating a contemporary and enviable outdoor living area with city views.

The challenge in Hamilton park was opening up this roof space without compromising the historical architecture of the building.

In neighboring Manhattan, The Glazing Vision Skybox was already approved by the Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC) and Department of Buildings as a discreet roof access solution which preserved the historic roofline of the row. Our box skylight innovation has allowed previously unsuitable homes to invest in never-before-achievable roof terraces that add value to the property and open up home living.

In Jersey City, Dixon Projects collaborated with the Historic Preservation Council (HPC) to find a creative engineering solution that would minimize the the appearance of modern materials on this historic home.

The Skybox was project perfect and Hamilton Park is the first ever New Jersey implementation. Offering discreet rooftop access, the low profile and modest dimensions allowed this skylight to blend in with the rest of the roofline architecture. The result is unobtrusive, fully operable, easy to use roof deck access.

The addition of this unique outdoor living space not only provides extra room and enviable views but adds desirability and value to this already luxurious city home.

We look forward to working with Dixon Projects on more spectacular renovations and providing something extra special to customized urban properties.

All photography supplied by Dixon Projects

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