Project Details:

Enter the Glazing Vision fully operable Skybox.

Our innovative freestanding box skylight is a three dimensional skylight. Our full glass surrounding floods the stairwell below with natural daylight whilst also offering easy, discreet rooftop access. Our sliding opening is controlled at the touch of a button, offering fully automated, straightforward access to the new roof deck.

Pre-approved by the Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC) and Department of Buildings (DOB) as a discreet roof access solution, choosing the Skybox to preserve this historic row roofline was a no brainer. With approvals and permitting time reduced, the project was able to be completed quickly, saving time and money.

Rooftop expansions are becoming a must for city homes in Manhattan, as more and more properties are searching for creative ways to open up more living space

We look forward to collaborating with Dixon Projects on more rescue and renovation projects to open up the NYC skies.

Read more about the rest of the rooftop expansion on Dixon Projects.

Photos courtesy of Dixon Projects.

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