Glazing Vision

Duin Huis, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Glazing Vision was contacted to install a skylight at a private residence on Martha’s Vineyard. The area’s scenic beauty attracts everyone from famous celebrities, like Oprah and Bill Gates, to politicians, like the Obama’s or the Kennedy’s. Installing a Freestanding Box Skylight, or Skybox, allows the living area to extend outdoors to take advantage of those gorgeous views. For this residence, the architect used the Skybox to create a bathing deck above.

The home itself is a work of art meant to be evocative of the surrounding environment. Constructed from weathered wood, glass, concrete, and bronze, the home emphasizes the colors and textures of the area. To add another dimension to this already stunning home, our skybox was installed to provide access to the roof deck. This outdoor living space has built-in seating and sunbathing areas as well as a freestanding bathtub. The roof deck allows the resident to fully appreciate the scenic views of the dunes and water in the distance.

The Skybox itself is constructed from glass in order to offer maximum daylight and not obstruct any views. Aluminum panels were used in two vertical sections in order to camouflage items such as the air conditioning unit. Also, the Skybox is fully retractable providing easy access from the staircase. And while homes on Martha’s Vineyard must account for inclement weather, especially winter snow and coastal storms, our Skybox made of double-glazed glass provides exceptional thermal performance and leak-proof framework perfect for all seasons.

Client: Andrew A. Flake, Inc.
Location: Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts
Architect: Hutker Architects Inc
Product: Freestanding Box Skylight
Completed: 2012