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Though standard skylight dimensions work well for many homes, your specific vision can come to life with custom skylights made specifically to enhance the quality of your living spaces.

The Benefits of Skylights

Skylights provide more natural lighting in your home and reduce your consumption of excess electricity. At night, you can camp out under the moon and stars while staying in the comfort of your own personal space. Natural lighting is an instant upgrade to your home’s value and maintains a perfect balance between style and relaxation.

Whether you live in a high-rise urban suite in New York or own a cottage on the New Jersey shore, skylights add instant visual appeal to your home. Walkable skylightstransform roof decks into luxury entertainment areas, give outdoor gardens new life, and visually expand windowless rooms. Opening skylights, such and hinged and sliding types, allow fresh breezes to enter your home without compromising privacy. Flat and pyramid designs are perfect for high ceilings and areas where ventilation is not desired.

How Skylights Complete Your Space

Glazing Vision Inc. has a team of expert design engineers and skylight manufacturers ready to make your dream home a reality. You do not need to stay within the confines of standardized dimensions. Your home is your sanctuary, your masterpiece, and you can make it uniquely your own. Customized skylights allow you to capture as much natural lighting as you desire, making effective use of your space and expressing your own personal style.

Natural lighting creates an inviting atmosphere and sets the perfect tone for weekend brunches, afternoon reading and evening stargazing. Rooms feel more spacious and guests feel less crowded. Even rainy days are brighter and capture an audience below the raindrops.

Custom skylights add unique style to your space and reduce your dependency on artificial lighting. Consider how a custom design can add value to your home and promote a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

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