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Custom Skylights

Our entire range of rooflights can be adapted and extended for your particular needs, but it might be that you have an unusual rooflight idea in mind. You just need to talk to the right people to help it take shape.

Our design team has grown as demand for one off designs has increased, and we now employ an entire team of talented CAD designers who specialise in custom rooflight design. The type of project they work on can be something as straightforward as an unusual shaped fixed glass rooflight, or just as often a complicated sliding rooflight arrangement with a combination of fixed, moving and even stacking glazed sections within its frame.

Rooflights have moved way beyond their original function, so much so that the term ‘rooflight’ sometimes doesn’t do the product justice. We have designed faceted glass systems which are heated to reduce condensation over swimming pools, sliding ridge rooflights which can retract along the apex of your roof, integrated hinged access rooflights into larger sections of fixed glazing to provide enormous amounts of natural daylight and access within one feature. One off box configurations with increased glass strength for snow load, solar controlled glass arrangements, the list goes on.

If you have a rooflight concept in mind, the first step would be to contact our Technical Specification team, who will be able to offer advice and help shape your scheme so that it can be delivered to specification and on budget.