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When considering a large skylight the main limiting factor is the size of the glass you can use.  If you are happy to have framework you can have a large hole in your roof and fill it with as much glass as you like.

When things get complicated

The problem comes when you have a large skylight that you then want to open for ventilation.  Your options are either to retract the skylight or hinge open the skylight.  In both instances weight becomes an issue.  The larger the skylight the bigger the motors need to be to move the Skylight.


When you choose a large glass skylight, keep in mind the installation process, the size and weight can become an issue.  You will probably need a crane and a road closure to get the skylight to the roof.

Solar Control Glass

Another factor that you need to consider is thermal heat stress, this can be prevented with solar control glass or a tint you want your skylight to be. While most people choose for their windows not to be tinted, it can be different when you have large skylights. You have to decide whether you want your home to be full of complete natural light or if you want it to be dimmer inside. Which direction is your home facing, will the room be soaked in daylight all day or only for part of the day.

You could consider using a large skylight with opening sections within it to allow the flow of natural daylight

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well it holds up against weather. Next, you should make sure that you get the proper placement and tint.

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