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New Jersey Debut for Glazing Vision Skybox

The Skybox was recently featured in real estate and architecture focused Jersey Digs for its innovation in rooftop technology.

Glazing Vision has been working closely with Dixon Projects to transform urban living in the NYC metro. Dixon Projects is a full service, design build firm delivering stunning properties across New York City with tailored high end finishes that maximise investment for their customers.

Having completed residential projects in the past with Dixon, we knew we were working on something special with this Hamilton Park home on Jersey Avenue. The problem was – how to open up the charming views of this Jersey City neighbourhood without impacting the historical architecture of the building?

The Glazing Vision Skybox offered a unique design solution, minimizing the appearance of modern materials whilst whilst updating the historic home for modern living.

“From a historic preservation perspective, the skybox is a no-brainer.”
Gabe Felici – Director of Project Management – Dixon Projects

The Skybox is a fully operable, discreet glass enclosure which offers full, regular rooftop access with modest dimensions. Its low profile, and fully customizable appearance, minimizes impact on the historical roofline and celebrates the key architectural features of the original building.

This is the first ever Glazing Vision Skybox implementation in New Jersey, but with a growing trend in roof deck conversions, and more plans underway with Dixon Projects, we’re excited to open up more outdoor space in NYC with our innovative skylights.

Read the full Jersey Digs article here, and read more about Jersey City’s first Skybox on Dixon Projects.

Photography courtesy of Dixon Projects