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  • Why Dixon Projects can’t get enough of our Skybox

Glazing Vision has been working in partnership with Dixon Projects to make sure that every city property maximises outdoor living space and opens up the skies with our revolutionary Skybox.

Roof decks take your city property to the next level, offering a quiet rooftop retreat with skyline vistas.

For years, the problems have been:

  • Building and historical regulations prevent residents from altering rooflines.
  • Large / unappealing bulkheads ruin the skyline and take up a lot of space.
  • Awkward ladder/hatch systems make roof access a nuisance.

The Skybox is a game changer

  • Low profile exterior offers discreet roof deck access
  • Sliding door and full stair approach makes for easy access
  • Modern innovation is safe, secure, whilst letting in floods of natural daylight

You can read about some of our favourite Skybox projects, or find out more about what Dixon Projects has to say about the Glazing Vision Skybox.