Sliding Over Roof Skylight

Non-Leak Guarantee


Open up your ceiling to the sky above with our impressive, fully operable Sliding Over Roof glass skylight.

This motorized skylight retracts at the touch of a button, leaving you with unimpeded, clear vistas above. The result is a dramatic sliding glass roof and 100% clear opening.

Great for:

  • Big impact dramatic spaces
  • Wow factor ceilings
  • Dynamic environment control
  • Full sky views

The sliding skylight covers up to 55.9ft2 with double glazed glass. The weight of this solid piece requires tracks on the roof and enough space to achieve the full sliding impact.

Limited space? Look at our Sliding Over Fixed skylight solutions for alternative opening skylights.

Openable Skylight


Sliding Over Roof

Larger sliding double glazed skylight for ventilation or access, supporting tracks required on roof – 100% clear opening

Product Details

Centre Pane U-factor 0.19
Color RAL7015 Slate Grey
Glass Specification Minimum 1/4″ Clear Heat Soak Tested Toughened – 5/8″ Argon Filled Cavity With Warm Edge Spacer Bar – 1/4″ Clear Heat Soak Tested Soft Low E Toughened (laminate option available)
Max Area Up to 55.9 Sq ft

Key Features

  • 100% clear opening
  • Manual over-ride
  • 1.5″ polyamide thermal breaks
  • Dual sliding seal mechanism
  • Superior thermally efficient glass
  • Anti lift as standard
  • Factory preassembled & tested

Optional Extras

  • Rains sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor
  • Ritec Clearshield (easy clean)
  • Curb top trim (hides curb from above)
  • solenoid security bolts

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