Walkable Skylight

Non-Leak Guarantee

Flushglaze® Walkable Skylights are about breaking boundaries. These skylights are flush with external flooring so you can brighten the indoors without limiting outdoor living space. Products are glazed to withstand regular foot traffic for complete safety and watertight integrity.

  • No visible internal framework to maximize visual impact.
  • Anti-slip treatments available.
  • Choose from 5 standard options
  • Customizable options using our modular system and structural aluminum supports available.
  • Engineered to code: residential, commercial and public

Perfect for:

  • Flat roof terraces
  • Decking & curbs
  • Basements views

For projects requiring functional skylights or that instant ‘wow factor’, Walkable skylights never fail to carry their weight.


Flushglaze Walk On Glass System

Flat fixed Skylight with no visible internal framework designed for domestic foot traffic. Uniform Distributed Load 31.33lb/ sq ft , Concentrated Load 450lbf

Product Details

Center Pane U-factor 0.19
Color RAL7015 Slate Grey
Glass Specification Minimum 1″ Clear Heat Soak Tested Toughened Laminated – 9/16″ Argon Cavity With Warm Edge Spacer Bar –  1/4″ Clear Heat Soak Tested Soft Low E Toughened (laminated option available)
Max Area Up to 32.29 ft2

Key Features

  • Walk on glass
  • No visible fixings
  • No internal framework
  • Recommended minimum 1 degree pitch
  • Modular options available for larger sizes
  • Larger glass pane sizes can be achieved with steel support

Optional Extras

  • Ritec Clearshield (easy clean)
  • Anti slip dot matrix frits available
  • Curb top trim (hide curb from above)

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