Flat Skylight

Fixed Skylight

The Flushglaze is the original flat roof skylight, installed on a shallow pitch with minimum framework you can be sure of no leaks.  The Flushglaze uses car windshield technology to structurally adhere the glass into the aluminum framework.

There is no external capping framework holding  the glass in place so no way for the water to track into the building.

The beauty of the Flushglaze is that is can be bent and cut to meet various shapes.  From square, rectangular to round, circular and triangular.  More custom shapes have been produced to replicate the shape of a building such as a barrel shape or a pentagon.

We offer stock ‘off the shelf’, standard size range or you tell us your size, shape and requirements and we manufacture it or completely custom made.

The whole concept of our fixed range is to let as much natural daylight into a building as possible.

Flat Skylight Products

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