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Flushglaze Fire Rated Skylight

Our ‘Fire Rated’ Flushglaze has been rigorously tested by the Building Research Establishment (BRE test report number 239658) and approved by International Fire Consultants (field of application report number IFCA/08008) to achieve 30 minutes integrity and 30 minutes insulation. This means that the glass will remain structurally sound within its framework and limit any rise in temperature on the non fire side for a full 30 minutes in the event of a fire.

Safety products can often be a compromise between form and function, but this is something we refuse to accept. We designed our Flushglaze skylight with aesthetics in mind and we believe that the lines of the standard product should be echoed throughout the range.

Our Flushglaze Fire Rated Skylight is available in two standard options, Flushglaze Fire Rated and Flushglaze Fire Rated Circular.

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  • Fire rated glass
  • 30 minutes integrity
  • 30 minutes insulation
  • Tested to destruction by the BRE
  • No visible internal framework
  • No external capping
  • Specialist Pyrobel laminated inner pane
  • Circular version available

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