Pyramid Skylight

pyramidOur Pyramid sky light is a modern contemporary take of the traditional roof lantern.   The pyramid shape lets in more daylight and the glass to glass joins mean we avoid any aluminium on the glass meaning no leaks and better thermal performance.

There are three basic options available, a square pyramid skylight incorporating an LED light in the apex cap allowing the unit to bit lit at night transforming it into an architectural feature.  Perhaps our most popular unit is our  lantern or ‘rectangular pyramid’ variant, benefiting from the same glass to glass joints as the square unit this skylight adds a touch of contemporary style to your flat roof and maximizing the amount of daylight transmitted.

Thirdly we manufacture an octagonal version, again with integrated light inside. All of these products are based on tested standard designs.

We can also manufacture custom variants, larger sizes, smaller angles can all be accomplished with the addition of internal framework.

Pyramid Products

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