Roof Deck Access Skylight

immIdeal for roof deck access our Skybox skylight is manufactured in two standard variants.  A freestanding skybox skylight and a 3 wall mounted skybox sky light.  The glass is eaves shaped with a silicone seal at the join.  One section slides over one fixed section creating a 50%-clear opening allowing access out onto the roof.

Custom options are available, one of two wall box variants as well as custom configurations, even sliding the whole box onto the roof has been achieved.  We have also manufactured bi-parting and stacking skybox skylights when roof space has been limited.

As with our flushglaze the aim is to let as much daylight in but keep the water and elements out.  So minimum framework and flush finishes allow maximum performance.

All our skylights are manufactured and factory tested before being shipped throughout the world.  Every skylight is fitted with built in electronic solid-state controls complete with emergency manual overrides.  We can control the speed and they also feature creep sealing one every one.  You will require a crane to get these onto the roof but installation and commission can be done in a day.

The box skylight has been approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission for use in New York City. LPC staff level approval was gained with the help of Dixon Projects. Also, we want to thank Dixon projects for obtaining Department of Buildings Commissioner determination to allow the skybox to be used as allowable roof access. We look forward to showcasing work from our partnership with Dixon in the future.

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