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Three Wall Box Skylight

Our three wall Skybox configuration is one of the most popular and can offer an almost seamless integration into the fabric of your building. It operates in the same way as our freestanding box skylight, but instead of being completely glazed on all sides, the three wall version is fixed to your existing building structure at the back and either end.

Other than having less glass, in all other aspects the three wall box skylight offers the same functionality as the freestanding version. Our latest generation of box skylights are all available with high performance glazing and thermally broken framework so you can be assured that the thermal performance of this unit is unrivaled in its class.

We have manufactured and installed countless numbers of these units, predominantly in urban city environments where space is limited and home owners turn to maximizing their roof space.


  • Terrace access skylight
  • Fixed to existing structure on three sides
  • Can accommodate full stair width
  • No additional balustrades required
  • Operates via wall switch supplied
  • Available in bespoke configurations and glass specifications
  • Heat soak tested low e safety glass as standard
  • One touch electrical operation
  • Rocker switch control
  • Multiple opening positions
  • Suitable for ventilation

Suitable for:

  • Easy and regular roof access
  • Expanding natural light
  • Discreet roof access
  • Extra security

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West 138th Street, Harlem, New York

In partnership with Dixon Projects, Glazing Vision are thrilled to have worked on their latest city renovation and ongoing mission to open up urban living to city rooftops.

Roof decks and outdoor living spaces are a premium for urban inhabitants – especially in Striver’s Row. Unlike other New York homes, properties in this famous row don’t come with backyards, meaning that extending into the available roof space is a must.