Our US team project manage installations across the United States, with high value projects in New York, Boston, San Francisco and even Hawaii.

We manufacture a selection of standard skylights, from easy to install fixed ones to the more complex sliding skylights and access solutions. As well as stock products, we custom-build skylights for architects and clients, to turn their projects in to light and airy buildings.

Architectural roof window for access to the roof deck.


Our design ethos is: minimize framework, maximize daylight. Our designs focus on reducing the amount of framework and enhancing daylight and ventilation. We have invested heavily in improving our skylights thermal performance. All of our products are assembled in the factory and rigorously tested prior to dispatch.

We carry out installations through our in-house installers or via a network of glazing installation specialists carefully selected and rigorously trained by us.

Manufacturing of architectural roof windows and skylights at the Glazing Vision factory in Hartford, Connecticut, USA.


Glazing Vision was founded by Hugh Callacher in a garage in 1994 and started as a glazing refurbishment company. The company really changed in 2002 when a range of flat roof skylights were launched, taking the market by storm.

In 2004, Jon Shooter joined Glazing Vision and focused on building the brand and product offering to architects and final customers. We have been exporting worldwide, the first international order being received in 2009. In 2010 we moved to a new 65,000 ft² factory, bringing everyone under one roof, bringing in our own paint shop and gaining control of more of our out sourced processes.

In 2014 we set about relaunching our whole range with even better thermal performance. Working with Anglia Ruskin University we developed an agreed method for skylight thermal performance measuring.

Our US office is now located in Hartford, Connecticut. Our skylights have been shipped here since 2009, and we have successfully installed skylights in New York, Boston, San Francisco, Texas and even a sliding box skylight on Martha’s Vineyard.

Architectural roof window interior design sketch


We work with architects getting involved in the design process as early as possible. We help architects find the right solution for their projects.

There is so much to consider when specifying a skylight. Where is the skylight going? the type of building, what is the skylight going to be used for daylight/ventilation/roof access. Building codes have to be considered and potentially glass specifications have to be sought to resolve a potential problem.

The technology in glass is developing all the time, we have installed various specifications to meet many demanding requirements. Walk on glass, bullet proof glass, drive over glass, smart glass which changes configuration at the touch of a button. We have the experience and expertise to help you find a solution.

Architectural roof windows design specification drawing


Many of our skylights are made to each individual order. We also have stock sizes to choose from online straight off the shelf.

You can download standard details from the website or request these from our team to drop into your drawings.

We employ engineers and designers who excel in bringing custom skylight ideas to life. A visit to our factory floor during any given week will see various shapes, sizes and configurations being manufactured. Whether a shaped fixed skylight or a complex sliding configuration we have a design team that can make anything possible.

Your custom skylight will first of all be developed using the latest 3d software and developed on screen to the minutest detail. We produce a full range of General Arrangement drawings for approval. Then the work happens to bring the design to life. Even custom skylights are built completely in the factory and tested fully before dispatch.

Glazing Vision can offer Building Information Modelling (BIM) models for integration into your project. If you need a BIM REVIT model, then please contact one of our team. Using a BIM model enables us to demonstrate the full performance of our skylights.

Architectural roof windows design team at Glazing Vision Inc.

Research and Development

Glazing Vision invest heavily in Research and Development and is at the heart of all we do. We were the original company to launch a flat-roof glass skylight, and we have our own in house Research and Development team, consistently looking at ways we can improve each products performance. We are also looking at how we can shape the future of roof window designs. We are known for launching new innovative skylights. There is always work being done behind the scenes on the next skylight.

Our electronics are all developed in house, we employ software developers that work on integration of our systems with building management systems and various devices.


Glazing Vision architectural skylight and roof windows are manufactured in-house. We often have people coming and visiting the factory who end up amazed at the level of expertise put into every single window.

We employ skilled engineers and mix that with the latest CNC machinery to ensure skill and precision with every skylight manufactured.

Because everything is manufactured in house we can not only control the quality of the windows being produced but also the environment they are being manufactured in. Our quality systems are designed to ensure a quality skylight is manufactured every time.

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