Glazing Vision Inc are specialists in the field of cutting edge skylight design. Our US team are based in Hartford, Connecticut, and project manage installations across the United States, with high value projects in New York, Boston, San Francisco and even Hawaii.

We manufacture a selection of standard skylights, from easy to install fixed ones to the more complex sliding skylights and access solutions. As well as stock products, we custom-build skylights for architects and clients, to turn their projects in to light and airy buildings.

Access More with Roof Access Skylights

Having outdoor living space is an important consideration for modern homes. With space often at a premium, especially in urban locations such as New York, a roof terrace will allow you to make the most of an otherwise unused area and provide a desirable outdoor space, perfect for entertaining, growing food or just enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Explore our roof access solutions.


This stunning project located in Aspen, Colorado, utilizes a large, bespoke Sliding Over Fixed Skylight to provide large amounts of daylight, gives the peoperty access to natural ventilation, and allows the occupants to admire the beautiful Aspen scenery. 

The client worked closely with our Technical Team to ensure all requirements were met, for example, due to the harsh weather conditions the skylight had to be designed to withstand wind speed Vults of 115mph and snow loads of 55psf.

Delivering The Best Solutions For Natural Daylight

Our manufacturing techniques ensure your skylight not only adheres to all required standards but is sleek, completely leak free and the envy of all your friends and neighbours.

We don’t import our skylights from other suppliers, the technology is all developed by us so if you need to talk to the person that actually designed the product, it’s not a problem.

Our team are responsible for designing all of the mechanical aspects of our skylights and we also have experienced professionals on site who develop our internal electronics and software.

If you’re looking for something unique to your building, Glazing Vision can provide you the opportunity to liaise directly with a dedicated Technical Sales Manager to find a solution that makes your scheme a reality.

Explore the benefits of natural daylight.


The Glazing Vision Skydoor is a fully glazed hinged opening skylight designed for day to day access to your roof space, ideal for roof decks.

Operated by our intelligent LED control switch, the unit will respond to both one touch and press and hold requests. The Skydoor opens out to almost 90° at full travel by means of synchronised dual actuators but you can also stop the unit at any point mid travel which means it can be used as a natural ventilation skylight too.


To provide our clients with added reassurance we offer a no leak guarantee on all our skylights. We are able to do this as we design and manufacture precision engineered products; we then subject our products to a thorough testing regime that simulates the worst nature can throw at it.