By entering the discussion at the preliminary design stages, we help the architect find the correct solution for their project.

There is so much to consider when specifying a skylight. For instance, where is it going? What will it be used for – daylight, ventilation or rooftop access? Similarly, what does your local building codes require regarding skylights and what type of glass specifications are required for your location?

While speaking with your technical advisor here at Glazing Vision, all of your questions and design needs will be answered in a prompt, stress free and easy to understand way!

Step 2: Submit your Plans

Once we receive your plans, your local Technical Sales Advisor will be in contact to run through all the design specifications of your custom skylight.

This will ensure that the skylight we quote for is perfect in every way and complies with all the local regulations and Building Regulations.

Step 3: Design drawings completed & approval

Once an order has been signed, our talented CAD design team will take control, and provide detailed GA drawings to be submitted back to you for approval.

Step 4: Manufacture & Installation

Our skilled craftsmen will attend to every detail, paired with the highest quality control standards in the industry, making your skylight the highlight of your project!

Our skilled and dedicated Project Managers and Installation Specialists will work with your team to insure a smooth, professional and stress free installation of your Glazing Vision Skylight.