Barr Gazetas worked closely with BW: Workplace Experts and Glazing Vision on the remodelling of this contemporary yet classical office building which involved creating an accessible private roof deck for staff and clients to enjoy the views of central London, as well as providing the 6th floor with natural daylight. Utilising a roof deck in densely populated areas such as London is a great way to provide a building with more accessible space. Originally the 6th floor offered 2,821 sq ft of space, but with the addition of the decking, this increased to 3,790 sq ft.

Not only does an accessible terrace supply you with extra room, but, in London, the presence of a roof terrace typically adds 12% to the value of a property, rising to as much as 25% in coveted Chelsea. Other benefits of access skylights include improved natural ventilation, control of interior temperatures, and the result is also beneficial to the aesthetics of a building such as 6 Duke Street. Barr Gazetas chose Glazing Vision not only due to our vast experience in designing and manufacturing access skylights, but also for our ‘start to finish’ service. All of our skylights are designed and manufactured at our HQ in the UK in Diss, Norfolk.

Box rooflights are a great way to gain easy access to any roof area. Operated at the touch of a button, the user simply climbs the stairs whilst the skylight is retracting into its open position and walks straight out onto the decking. Our three wall box configuration is one of the most popular and can offer an almost seamless integration into the fabric of your building. On this particular project, the sliding section when open provides a clear opening of 1927mm on the left side when viewed from the outside and is glazed on the front and top with a built-in fall of 3 degrees, and mounted to walls at the rear and two sides. The rooflight also includes the optional extras of a proximity detector and a battery back up.

Our Multi-Part Walk On Skylight has supplied the 6th floor with a large amount of natural daylight which is proven to boost vitamin D, help improve sleep, and can help boost focus. The skylight also includes EnduroShield glass protection which provides superior resistance against contamination caused by moisture, hard water, all types of dirt, lime scale, salt spray and pollution, and also helps protect against degradation, staining, corrosion and etching. Our standard glass specification on our Flushglaze Walk On Rooflight is designed to withstand regular foot traffic in domestic applications with uniform loadings of 1.5kN/m² and concentrated loadings of 2.0kN in accordance with EN 1991-1-1-1:2002.

The two skylights perfectly complement each other and work together to provide a vast amount of natural daylight whilst creating a visually impressive, accessible terrace area.

“The Walk On Skylight was key to providing as much light to the floor below as possible, and the box rooflight was a great feature to the terrace, providing easier access than a ‘hatch’ access product.” Pradumn Pamidighantam, Senior Architect, Barr Gazetas.

If you are working on a project which requires access rooflights get in contact with us on 01379 658300 or fill in our contact form.

Three Wall Box Skylight

Size: 4’6” (Span) x 13’8” (Width) x 4’9” (Height)
Weight: 810kg
Pitch: Manufactured to suit an installation pitch of 0°
Outer Colour: RAL9005 Jet Black Matt
Inner Colour: RAL9010 Pure White Matt
Glass Specification: 31.5mm double glazed unit (silicone sealed) comprising of 6mm HST Toughened 14mm Argon, Black warm edge spacer, silicone sealed 11.5mm Heat strengthened PVB  Laminated soft coat low E (1.1)

Multi-Part Flushglaze Skylight  

Size: 7′ (Span) x  18′.5” (Width)
Weight: 1748 kg
Pitch: Manufactured to suit an installation pitch of 0°
Outer Colour: RAL9005 Jet Black Matt
Inner Colour: RAL9005 Jet Black Matt
Glass Specification: 64.5mm double glazed unit (silicone sealed) comprising of 39mm HST Toughened PVB Laminated 14mm Argon, Black warm edge spacer, silicone sealed 11.5mm Heat strengthened PVB Laminated soft coat low E (1.1)

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