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Glazing Vision aims to deliver quality skylights that provide you with ‘light, air and space’ and to achieve this, we test our skylights for factors such as water penetration, wind resistance, and more.

Our skylight ranges are tested to ensure that they perform and function at the highest possible standard for as long as possible.

man spraying a box rooflight with a hose

To name just one test that we have conducted, the Glazing Vision Free Standing Box skylight has been tested for water ingress by CWCT (Centre for Window & Cladding Technology) 

The Hose Test (pictured) subjected the Glazing Vision skylight to roughly half an hour of sprayed water at a near 10 inch distance, this test ensured that any occupants of a building with a Free Standing Box installed were kept safe from the elements even in extremely heavy rainfall.

two pictures of a flat rooflight on a table ready to be tested

The Glazing Vision Flushglaze skylights are accredited by the ICC (International Code Council), and they are compliant with the 2021 International Building Code and 2021 International Residential Code. The accreditation also covers the 2023 City of Los Angeles Building Code and the 2023 City of Los Angeles Residential Code.
To acquire this, the products underwent structural, air infiltration, and water penetration resistance testing.

large sliding rooflight in factory

Glazing Vision are occasionally asked to perform client specific testing to prove performance under severe conditions, we undertook air permeability and water tightness tests at an installation of our Custom Sliding Over Fixed Skylight in Aspen, Colorado.

The tests were conducted to simulate air being sucked into the skylight, which would bring in any water if the skylight was not sealed properly; the simulation test is carried out by setting up a rig with a large propellor engine (see the testing video) – once fully sealed the skylight must withstand the wind and rain which is being targeted at the opening sections.

We are happy to carry out custom testing to provide our customers with peace of mind.

man standing in hi-viz looking at glass samples

Quality is in mind at every stage of the skylight manufacturing process, so you can love your skylight for its entire service life – We employ a dedicated Quality Control Team who ensures every piece of material used passes our strict standards, whether that be the glass, the framework or the paint finish. Evidently, we love to test, and our electric skylights are opened and closed 100 times to ensure their quality operation.

In addition, Glazing Vision is subject to both internal audits and independent external audits to ensure that we are always operating at the highest possible standard.

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