Key Features:

  • Can be used as a ventilation product
  • Suitable for regular access
  • Opens to 87 degrees
  • Dual color, thermally broken framework
  • Integrated proximity detectors
  • Heat soak tested low e safety glass as standard
  • Sleek and streamlined design

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The Skydoor access skylight is designed with safety in mind and features current override sensors, an anti slip threshold tread plate and a proximity detector system which will sense any movement beneath the opening section when in motion and prevent the lid from closing until the switch is engaged.
The skylight (as standard) comes with a battery pack, meaning even in the event of extreme conditions causing a power outage, the skylight can be closed using battery override, protecting you and your family and providing peace of mind.

Glazing Vision recently updated the design and mechanics of the Skydoor; releasing the ‘Skydoor 2’ access skylight which features a drive opening system rather than folding arm mechanisms – The updated mechanism not only allows clearer access to your roof deck but also reduces stress on the frame, meaning your Skydoor has a service life of at least 10 years (Servicing as per Glazing Visions recommendations).

The Skydoor skylight operates on a 24V system with low energy consumption when in standby mode, with the correct glass specification (Our experienced team can assist with this) the skylight can be very effective at reducing noise.

External curb dimensions: 51 ¾” x 147 ¾”

Finished opening dimensions: 36” x 132”


Available in custom sizes and glass specifications

New Feature: Available in side-hung profile (Allowing use on pitched roofs)

Triple glazing available on selected sizes


Anti slip threshold tread plate

Current override sensors

Proximity detector system

Manual override pack

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