Walkable skylights are very popular to get light into basements to get light below or when converting a roof terrace.

Types of Walkable Glass

When considering using glass skylights, you’ll need to think about where the skylight is going. Is there access to the area? Is the skylight likely to be walked on? If it is, then you’ll need to either balustrade the skylight so no one can step on it or specify that walkable glass is used.

The manufacturer will need to know the amount of traffic you are likely to get on the skylight. Will it be private, residential, or public? You can even specify drive-over glass if vehicles are going to drive over the skylight!

The glass will get extremely heavy the thicker it gets to take the required loads

Instant Luxury

Glass provides an instant element of luxury and adds style and elegance to any room in any type of home. Skylights can be used for artistic effect and to display permanent art installations in common areas such as great rooms and foyers. They can also be used as accent flooring on roof decks, especially those with pools, jacuzzis, and intricate gardens. From the roof, glass skylights reflect the surroundings and add an element of depth to the space. From the floors below, viewers get a peek at the outside natural world in just a glance.

More Natural Light Means Less Electricity

Skylights make efficient use of roof space and reduce the need for excess electrical lighting. These skylights can be installed on rooftops or roof decks to capture natural daylight and provide stunning views of the stars at night. When your home requires less electrical lighting, you consume less electricity, which makes your home more environmentally friendly and cost-effective. The design team at Glazing Vision Inc. can also install sliding skylights to allow controlled ventilation and bring the smells of seasonal air into your home.

More Privacy

In urban environments, such as the busy cities of New York and New Jersey, homes can be quite clustered, leaving little room for privacy and escape. With walkable skylights, you do not have to sacrifice privacy for the sake of natural lighting. Rooftop skylights afford the best of both worlds. You no longer have to draw the shades and compromise the daylight or glow from a full moon.

To give your home an instant sense of luxury and openness, consider installing skylights on rooftops and walkable surfaces. Not only can skylights improve the value of your home, they can also improve your quality of living.  You can choose a colored laminated inner to make the glass opaque (non-see through) that still lets in light.

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