Project Details:

Glazing Vision worked with Cocoon Architects to provide a unique level of daylight into this stunning project. Our Pitchglaze in plane landscape roof window completed the transition and smooth design of the kitchen in the newly renovated house.

Originally constructed in the 1800s, the layout of the home was dated and was in need of modernizing. The kitchen and dining area were secluded from the spacious garden due to the bathroom being adjacent. Consequently, the kitchen and dining room felt cramped and dark. Cocoon Architects, in turn, designed drawings that included moving the bathroom to the center of the building to create an airy and light-filled kitchen.

Sliding doors complete the passage from the kitchen to the garden providing natural daylight and ventilation. Not only does the renovation of the kitchen provide a more relaxed atmosphere, but also opens up the space to enable the owner to entertain out into the garden. The monopitched extension utilises a vaulted ceiling layout, whilst maintaining a low profile to the benefit of the neighbors.

Colour changing LED lighting was also introduced along with a separate jacuzzi bath, creating a ‘spa-quality’ feel. The kitchen includes tiled flooring, and timber beams are on the ceiling providing a rustic feel.

Despite the new level of daylight, the homeowner wished for more. The pitched slate roof was perfect for a Glazing Vision Pitchglaze Roof Window. Sitting underneath the rafters of the roof, the Pitchglaze eliminates the need for an external curb. Connecting the kitchen with the outside, the roof window provides visibility of the old trees and bushes of the garden. The
Pitchglaze provides great thermal performance with a double-glazed specification featuring a laminated inner pane. The finish produces a smooth external look, and being that the master bedroom looked down onto the pitched roof, this was important.

“The detail at the perimeter allowed us to install the roof window with a ‘frameless’ view internally, but as the extension is single-storey and the roof is viewed from the master bedroom window, it also looks fantastic against the slate roof. The product looks fantastic and performs brilliantly too. It’s over a kitchen where moisture content is relatively high, yet we rarely see condensation on the glazing and have never had any issues with mould growth etc. The technical team were excellent during our selection process. In the end the whole supply process went as planned with no issues. We are looking forward to working with Glazing Vision again on future projects.” Matt Plummer, Partner, Cocoon Architects

From the original drawings to the final installations the project was completed with precision, with Cocoon Architects transforming what once was a dated house into a modern home. Looking for a roof window for your pitched roof? Get in touch, our Technical Sales team will be happy to help.

All images by Matthew Smith Architectural Photography

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