Project Details:

Bi-Design’s expert drawings called for a truly wonderful home to be constructed, with luxuries like a playroom for children, and a courtyard with an impressive water feature. The home also features a cinema room and bar, all located on the ground floor. Situated in a beautiful location in the North of England, it is a beautiful house with stunning surrounding grounds.

“The end client wanted to create the dream family home. As knocking down wasn’t an option, and due to a mixture of poor outdated extensions, the house looked tired inside and out. Therefore, we decided that the best option was to upgrade/replace key components of the existing home, the only area that was retained was the front façade”. – Luke Gittens, Director, Bi-Design Architecture

Our Pitchridge roof window, a fixed double glazed roof window for a pitched roof

As the property is located in a conservation area, the fixed roof window specified would need to be flush with the pitched roof line, keeping in line with strict planning rules for replacement windows in conservation areas. UK Building Regulations state that in a conservation area, no external areas can be changed, this means that skylights sitting on an upstand/kerb protruding from the roof line cannot be specified, as they would technically ‘invade’ the conservation area. The client also desired an entire glass roof to run from the apex of the roof line, and down the sides of the roof.

This provided Glazing Vision and the skylight industry with a new challenge, and with over 25 years of experience, it was a challenge we knew we could resolve. We worked closely with the architect to find a custom window solution, with our Technical Director, Jeremy Dunn, and our Bespoke Design Team being heavily involved in the creation of the brand new PitchridgeCustom Made Roof Window, which helped cost-effectively achieve the client’s goals.

The Pitchridge sits above a home office, helping to enhance productivity by having natural daylight flood the room. A mixture between our Pitchglaze Roof Window and Ridgeglaze Skylight, the Pitchridge sits in line (flush) with the roof, eliminating the upstand present on our Ridgeglaze system. Sitting along the apex of the roof line, and running down each eave of the roof, the roof window can be supplied in multiple sections or one whole section. This project was the first usage of the Pitchridge, and since then has become a standard product within our roof window portfolio.

The introduction of the Pitchridge opens the door to further advancement in the skylight industry, especially in projects situated in area of historic significance. We have already begun manufacturing Pitchridge products for other projects, and we are incredibly excited for the future of the product. Thanks to some insightful design and innovative thinking from Bi-Design Architecture, we were able to bring the end client’s dreams to fruition.

“The Roof Window looks fantastic internally and externally, my only wish it was my house it was located in!” – Luke Gittens, Director, Bi-Design Architecture

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