Project Details:

Inside view of our multipart custom skylights at the Town School in New York, allowing lots of natural daylight into the building.

The project required a multisection glass skylight with aluminum at the joins that could take a maintenance loading due to other facilities on the roof needing to be maintained and could withstand any possible objects falling from adjacent buildings. Every individual skylight we produce is made to the highest standards, making a Glazing Vision window solution, perfect for this job.

Our Flushglaze Skylight was installed in 9 sections with an aluminum framework lining up with the steel beams below. Full shop drawings were provided, and we undertook several site meetings to ensure every eventuality was covered.

Everyone involved was delighted with the result; the school children, parents and teachers were all amazed with the natural daylight cascading into the building.

At the end of the project the client commented, “The children came back to school today, and the screams and shouts when they saw the skylight was wonderful and I never say that when kids are shouting! The parents and the teachers were just as enthusiastic as their kids.”

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