In some residential homes, particularly in big cities, daylight can be really hard to come by. Skylights are a perfect answer to this problem, and where better to install one than over your kitchen/dining area. You could even opt for a skylight that as well as providing daylight can also provide ventilation.

A simple Flushglaze unit can be specified, or if you’re kitchen involves a pitched roof we can be a bit more creative and our Pitchglaze Roof Window or Pitchvent Roof Window can be utilized. These Roof Windows sit in line with the roofing, meaning the kerb is eliminated. However it is also entirely possible to have the kerb present, and use our Ridgeglaze system. The Ridgeglaze runs along the apex of your roof line, and then forms an eaves shape down the side of said roof.

Whatever the requirement we have a variety of skylights and roof windows which are perfect for the roof of a kitchen, get in touch to discuss your options.

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