We work on many projects which involve a pitched roof, and we offer a range of roof windows and skylights in many different shapes and sizes to suit any requirement. Not only do these products offer a great source of natural daylight, but they can also provide you with ventilation.

Our roof window range consists of 3 products; our newest product, The Pitchridge Fixed Roof Window, along with The Pitchglaze and Pitchvent Roof Window.

The Pitchridge Roof Window consists of two panes joined at the ridge using back-to-back angles and silicone seal. The product is designed to provide maximum daylight with minimum visible internal structure. Supplied in either portrait or landscape formats, it is designed to be installed in-plane on pitched roof applications.


The Pitchglaze Roof Window provides a frameless internal view so that when installed, the building occupants can enjoy sky only views from the roof window. Something not usually found with traditional roof window products.

This high specification contemporary roof window is perfect for a wide variety of pitched roof projects. From smaller domestic builds, which will benefit from the additional daylight that larger units can provide. To high end residential, which may combine several units installed adjacent to one another, creating entire glazed ceilings as an architectural feature.

The Pitchvent is a ventilation roof window designed to be installed in pitched roof applications. This unit is available as either a manually operated unit, using a screw jack and pole mechanism or as a chain actuated variant, supplied with one or two actuators, depending on specification.

A variety of our skylights can also be utilized on a pitched roof. Our Ridgeglaze Fixed Skylight is designed to be installed over the apex of your roof increasing daylight and sky only views on either side. The Ridgeglaze is a variant of our Flushglaze system, which means it features the same low profile design, frameless internal views and externals with no capping which reduces dirt build up.

Our Flushglaze Eaves Skylight takes the Flushglaze concept one step further by allowing vertically glazed sections to be connected to overhead glazing. In most cases, a silicone seal is all that’s needed to bond these sections together. The pitch can range from 3° to 45°.

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