Project Details:

glass skylight on Texas Fraternity Pavilion building, wooden panes to the right of the product, concrete sidewalk

For this exciting project, Glazing Vision’s Flushglaze Eaves Skylight, the window was architecturally specified by Michael Hsu Office of Architecture and proved a great addition to the stylish building.

A skylight was the obvious solution to the building’s daylight problem, and the Flushglaze Eaves Skylight not only provides the building with increased natural daylight but also adds to the elegant look of the fraternity building.

The Flushglaze Eaves installation was part of a wider project to create an open-space pavilion for the fraternity members to hold events and study in. The increased daylight will prove beneficial in increasing the members’ productivity. There are proven links between natural daylight exposure and overall productivity; increased natural daylight has been tied to improved focus, efficiency, and decreased illness.

exterior of building with eaves skylight, wooden panels to the right

The Eaves Skylight specified for this project boasts two of Glazing Vision’s optional extras: ‘Easy Clean Coating and a ‘Special Color’.

The Flushglaze Eaves Skylight comes in one standard color, however for this project, the skylight adorned a Bronze Matt Special Paint allowing it to match the paint color of the surrounding building material, adding to the sophisticated look of the College fraternity building.

Our Easy Clean Coating is a coating applied to the external face of the glass. The coating facilitates water run-off, which helps the glass stay cleaner for longer and makes cleaning easier.

outside of half built Texas Fraternity Pavilion building, bench to the left and expansive basketball court

“We had a sub [contractor] lined up to procure and install the Architect’s specified Glazing Vision skylight. When they were unable to procure the item within a reasonable time I worked directly with Glazing Vision to get the product here on time and within budget. The team was very helpful on all aspects. The professional that was sent to oversee the installation was very informative and helpful to our crew and help the process run as smooth as possible” – Chris Robitaille, STRUCTURA Inc

exterior of the Texas Fraternity Pavilion building, high up (picture taken by a drone) green trees to the left

This L-shaped window combination provides frameless views to the outside, connecting you seamlessly to nature and adding a touch of elegance to your residential or commercial property.

Skylight Specifications:

Double Glazed Flushglaze Eaves – 123-3/8″ x 36″ x 79-1/4″

Weight: 492 lb

Color: Y2214F Anodic Bronze Matt

Glass Specification: 1-15/64″ double glazed unit (silicone sealed) comprising of 1/4″ HST Tempered Solar Control (LT50) 35/64″ Argon, Black warm edge spacer, silicone sealed 3/16″ – 060 – 3/16″ Heat strengthened PVB Laminated.

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