The Three Wall Skybox Skylight is the perfect solution if you’re looking for easy access to your roof deck. Operated at the touch of a button, the user simply climbs the stairs whilst the Skybox is retracting into its open position and then walks straight out onto the deck. Our Three Wall Skybox configuration is one of the most popular and can offer an almost seamless integration into the fabric of your building. 


The specification of glazing used and physical structure of the design of our Free Standing Skybox Skylight means that there is no additional requirement for balustrades around the skylight.

The Skybox can be manufactured in a variety of configurations but will generally consist of one sliding section of glass moving over a fixed section.


The Glazing Vision Skydoor is a fully glazed hinged opening skylight designed for day to day access to your roof space, ideal for roof decks. Operated by our intelligent LED control switch, the unit will respond to both one touch and press and hold requests. The Skydoor opens out to almost 90° at full travel by means of synchronised dual actuators but you can also stop the unit at any point mid travel which means it can be used as a natural ventilation skylight too.


With almost 30 years of experience, Glazing Vision, located in Hartford, Connecticut, design and manufacture the world’s finest skylights. Our products provide light, air and access to areas previously impossible. We offer a range of fixed, pyramid, hinged, walkable, sliding and roof deck access skylights, along with a variety of roof windows which can be purchased as standard, or we have an in-house design team who can create any custom skylight you can think of! Whatever your requirements, Glazing Vision can help.

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